You should know these Interesting Facts about bitcoin before investing.

Bitcoin has been in discussion since 2017
February​ in India, has recorded a huge drop after touching a record high. Amitabh Bachchan is one of the main names that earned crores of rupees but in a few days his earnings got swasted.we are going to tell 10 interesting things related to bitcoin which you have rarely listen before

Limited Supply of Bitcoin :

The biggest problem of bitcoin is that its supply which is limited to 21 million. So far, about 16.7 million bitcoins have been released in the market. On average 12.5 coins are being issued every ten minutes through mining. It has a large global computer network that resolves a complex algorithm and gives it a new bitcoin reward.

Bitcoin Mining Energy Charges very High :

As the prices rise a lot of minor enter the market so that energy consumption can be increased further. A recent estimate suggests that energy costs of about 215 kilowatt / over (energy cost) are found in transactions of a bitcoin. there is a transaction of 300,000 bitcoins per day.

If you want to buy bitcoin, you don’t need buy it full:

The smallest unit of bitcoin is satoshi. It is named after the person named Satoshi Nakamoto who created this cryptocycenes. There is a hundredth part of Satoshi Bitcoin. That is, a bitcoin contains 100 million satoshi.

Between $ 15 billion and $ 20 million have been stolen, not yet recovered: So far, nearly 980,000 bitcoins have been stolen. These are either stolen from the exchange, or from hackers and insider. Their amount is $ 15 billion according to the current exchange rate. Although some have been recovered

The value of Goldman Sach and UBS is also lower:

Goldman Sach of the world’s two most capitalized banks and UBS’s value is also lower than Bitcoin. The market cap of Goldman Sach Group Inc. had amount $ 97 billion on Friday, while the cap of Zurich’s UBS Group AG, which is the world’s largest wealth manager, is $ 67 billion. For instance, the total market cap of these two banks is also lower than the cost of bitcoin.

Boeing is also behind Bitcoin :

Boeing Corporation’s market cap is $ 162 billion, which is below the 190 crores valued value of Bitcoin. Chicago is the world’s largest aerospace firm. It is a company that is more than 100 years old, with 1,40,000 people working in 65 countries of the world. This information is on the board of the Boeing website. At the same time, its competitive company Airbus SE’s market value is 66 billion euros ($ 78 billion).

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s assets are also below the value of Bitcoin:

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are at the top of Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index. Gates & # 39; s assets amount to $ 90 billion and Buffett’s 83 billion.

What is the Bitcoin?

Ajay Kedia chief of the Kedia Commodity, said that the first thing is that bitcoin is not a currency. According to the definition of currency, the currency of any country does not bounce up to three times in a few weeks, because the currency is stable and used in transactions. Bitcoin recently reached the level of $ 11000 and after that it fell to 9000 dollars. However, after a few days it crossed the $ 18,000 mark. There is no such fluctuation in any currency. Such impairment can usually come in an investment option.

Understand the risk of non-profit Bitcoin:

Kedia said that the way SEBI-like regulator has been set up to monitor the stock market but there is no regulator for Bitcoin. It operates a private player internationally. As you all know, Bitcoin is procured through a digital medium. In such a case, if someone hacks your system and steals your bitcoin, then who will you listen to your complaint? You will not have any other choice than crying. Kedia said that the RBI has recently said in keeping with the investors of India that it is completely illegal and should not invest in it. The central bank says that he does not know bitcoin nor does he regulate it.


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