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Wow airline launching cheap flights @ $199 from Delhi to Iceland

Wow airline launching cheap flights @ $199 from Delhi to Iceland

If you have go to America U.S.A you can find Cheapest flight ticket at around Rs 40,000 one-way and return tickets will be 80,000 rupees.but there is a airline named Wow Air, this company offer in the aviation industry is quite new and shocking. The special thing is that these offers are not limited to a few seats. The company’s founder, Scully Mogenson, once said that the day will come when aviation companies pay passengers to travel. However, that time has not come, but the time has come when you will be able to come and go from America in just 27000 rupees. Wow Air is offering this.

Even less than half the price of WoW air will be less than half the cheapest tickets from India to the US. The aircraft will fly from Delhi in the morning and will reach Iceland’s city Reykjavik in 11 hours. After staying there for two and a half hours, he will fly again and reach Washington in 6 hours. In this way, this company can also challenge the bay aviation companies, in which the passengers who travel to the western countries are in large numbers. read ahead

This service is going to start from December. It has also been advertised on the company’s website. The one-way fare is $ 199, which sits around 13,400 rupees. The founder of the company, Mogenson, says that if you get a cheap flight from it, then we are ready to make the payment of the difference ourselves.

This company is from Iceland and now its planning is to challenge the legendary aviation companies through its cheap flights. The company has started services for 14 North American and other European destinations, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto. Mogenson says that our target customer is those who do not want to waste money at any cost.

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