Wifi Dabba Will Give 1GB Data in ₹ 20 Only

A new startup company has stepped into the prime war in the telecom sector. The name of this company is Wifi Dabba. This company is providing more data at very low prices. At present, the company has introduced a few data packs. Wifi Dabba has offered all these plans to compete with Reliance Jio.

Take a look companies new offer plans:

The company has introduced the first plan Rs 2, which will give the user 100 MB of data. The second plan is Rs 10, under which 500 MB data will be given. At the same time, the third plan is Rs 20, in which users will get 1 GB data. The validity of all these plans is 24 hours. Keep in mind that in these plans users will be given only data, calling facility will not be available. If you talk about Geo, then he is giving 150 MB data for 1 day at 1 rupee.

Find out more about Wifi Dabba:

Wifi Dabba is a new company located in Bengaluru. It was started 13 months ago. The company believes that at present, the cost of data in India is quite high. The co-founder of the company, Subhndu Sharma, said, “We believe that even after the launch of the data, the prices of data in India are high and there is still a chance to cheap the data. We want to make it even more cheap. ”

How to get benefits from New Plans?

Prepaid tokens will be available on Local Tea Stalls and Bakeries for these data packs. At present these packs will be made available in Bangalore. On this whole process Shubhendu said, “We are not asking our users to download an app. Users only need to enter their mobile number. After this, the verification will have to enter the OTP. Users will then be able to use the internet. ”

If the talk is done by jioOffers, then the company is offering two plans of Rs.19 and 52.

Unlimited local and STD calls are being given in the plan of 19 rupees. Also, unlimited data is being given as well. Users will get 150 MB of data on High Speed. Also 20 MMS will be given as well. Its validity is of 1 day. In the plan of Rs. 52, users will get 1.05 GB data, including unlimited local and STD calls, with validity of 7 days. Its daily limit is 150 MB. 70 MMS will also be given as well.

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