Which is better REDMI 5 or Honor 7A Comparison

Those who are considering buying limited-budget new phones, it is very possible for them that you have seen that Honor launched two budget phones this year: Honor 7A and Honor 7C

In China’s market, the price of Honor 7A starts at RMB 799 (about 8,300 rupees), which is very close to the price of Redmi 5. Actually, if you compare the glasses of these two phones, you will quickly find out that they are both competitive and it is difficult to choose.

Therefore, I am going to list the advantages of Honor 7A and Redmi 5, which helps you to choose the option to make it suitable.

Why should you buy Honor 7A ?

Contrary to other budget phones, Honor 7A has a premium presence: a luminous metal unibody design and 2.5D glass display. It comes with a 5.7-inch full-screen display and you can easily hold it with one hand. If you’re just stalking on the phone, you do not know that this is a budget phone.

Honor 7A-All Colors :

Apart from the presence, Honor 7A also has another flagship feature: face recognition. You can easily enter your face information and can unlock 7 anniversals almost instantly. Even under low light, it also maintains a decent speed. Although its face identity can not be used for payment, you can use fingerprint unlock to pay, which is safe and really fast.

For those who prefer to take photos or selfies, Honor 7A will be a good option, behind it, 13 MP + 2 MP Dual Camera and 8 MP Front Camera with F / 2.2 wide aperture. The hardware and the superb photo app ensure that users can take photos with large details and accurate colors.

Moreover, Honor 7A provides comprehensive aperture mode, beauty mode, food mode etc. It also comes with a selfie light, which can really improve the light when you take it yourself and provide better photos.

Honor 7A Back Camera :

Another good thing about Honor 7A is that EMUI based on OS Android Oreo preloaded is 8. EMUI 8 Android keeps all the advantages of Oreo and also offers some great small moves like split screens, which take screenshots with 3 fingers.

Inner 7A also has a 3-in-1 card slot, which means that you can have 2 SIM cards and an SD card at the same time, so you need to choose between SIM card and SD card Not there.

Why you should buy Redmi 5 ?

Redmi 5 is powered by a large battery of litter. It has 3,300 mAh battery whereas the Honor 7A 3,000 mAh battery spots. So if you are really a huge smartphone user or you want to play games for a long time, then Redmi 5 is better for you.

If you had Radmi 4 or Radmi Note 4 and you want something like this, then you will love the design of Redmi 5. Basically, this is a very similar presence: design three-stage antenna with top and bottom plastic caps.

Of course, Redmi 5 follows the footwave trends and it comes with 5.7 inches 18: 9 HD display. This is the biggest difference with Redmi 4, so people using Radmi 4 can use it very quickly.

Redmi 5 arrives with MIUI 9 on the basis of Andrew Nugget. Although it is a little disappointing that the Redmi 5 Android does not pre-load Oreo, there are still many helpful moves and India-specific designs in MIUI 9, such as the IRCTC card in messaging app and festival card.

Conclusion :

Honor 7A and Redmi 5 are now the best budget phones and you should choose based on your demands. If you want phones with bigger batteries and MIUIs, then you should choose Redmi 5.

However, if you care about photography and Android Oreo, or if you want a premium design phone, Honor 7A is a great choice for you.

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