Triple Benefit LIC’s plan, Get every months fixed income

Triple Benefit LIC’s plan, Get every months fixed income

There are many plans of LIC, but there is a plan that gives Triple Benefit.In this people get tax exemption in addition to insurance cover, but like other plans, but the third feature of this scheme is that it also provides fixed income every month. This scheme has become quite popular. In this scheme, the investor has to pay the premium only once. After this, the fixed amount of money will be available from one month to the age of one year. The money is to be taken by month or the investor has to decide himself once in a year.

Single Premium Scheme

LIC Jeevan Akshay VI scheme is a single premium plan. Once invested in it, good money can be found in the form of a life-long pension. There are some options in which there will be lifetime pension for your spouse after your death. Single premium plans have to be invested only once. LIC only tells you how much money will be paid throughout the life of the policy, then does not decrease or increase. The money received in the form of pension can be taken monthly, three months, six months and even once in a year. If the monthly option is chosen then the money will be started from the next month of investment and if the annual option is chosen then the money will be available from next year.

How much pension Will Get

It can be found every year between Rs. 6410 and Rs. 6750 on a one lakh rupees investment. Whichever option can be taken in this scheme, but the minimum investment of Rs. 1 lakh and Rs. 1.5 lakh on online investment will be required on the condition of investment through the agent. There is no limit to maximum investment. This plan can buy any person or woman from 30 years to 85 years of age. Income tax on the investment in this plan can be availed under Section 80C.


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