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Top 5 Camera to buy in 2019

DSLR camera become​ most popular among the people. That is why the companies have to launch cameras with powerful features equipped with superior quality at a lower cost. 2017 will also be considered a good year for cameras. This year, major camera companies such as Nikon, Canon, Fuji Film, Panasonic, Sony and Olympus brought their powerful camera into the market. However, some cameras achieved great popularity compared to other cameras in their segment. Let us know about 5 such great cameras which were launched in the Indian market in 2018 and became popular among photographers and experts.

Top 5 camera to buy in 2019

1 : Canon EOS 800D: Talking about cameras priced at less than 60k this year, the Canon EOS 800D or the EOS Rebel T7i performance was significantly better than the rest of the cameras. Tech Expert also appreciated this camera of Canon. It does not have entry level DSLR like the 1300D, but there is a mid-range camera, which has a great performance capability. Talking about the features of the camera, the Canon 77D, which is priced with a little price, This crop factor camera has an APS-C size sensor.

2 : NIKON D850: if you need speed with high resolution, then you can go with the NIKON D850 camera launched in 2017 . Especially for the expert this camera was launched in September. Fully equipped with powerful features, this camera has the best resolution of 45.4MP.

This camera is amazing its own right with the maximum speed shooting speed of 7fps and 9fps. Up to 4K video shoot feature has made this camera ahead of the rest. However, for this camera you will have to spend a little bit of money Rs 2,49,999 .will be required to pay for the body. However, this price seems less expensive than the feature. The unmatched ISO range which goes from 64 to about 25600 and can be extended from Lo 1 (ISO 32) to Hi2 (ISO 102400). Equipped with 99 cross sensors for continuous shooting. In 2016 Nikon D3400 impressed us and this year D850.

3 : GoPro HERO6: The Gopro camera is becoming a favourites for the growing fans of the adventure. Because of better video quality and easy sharing and being quite compact, these cameras are boom in the market. Growing steps for photographers towards DSLR has now begun to grow even more of the Go Pro Cameras. This all-weather camera is becoming quite popular due to action, adventure, water-dust proof. This is the reason that Go Pro has been forced to equip this camera with more features.

The new Advance and stylish version of GoPro HERO6 was launched in 2017 itself. The look of the Hobby Gadget is a little negative point to be expensive, but the specialty of shooting 4K video with 60fps makes it the best camera. Super Slow motion videos can also be made at 1080p resolution with a speed of 240fps. According to the previous camera, this camera performance is good in Low Light

4 : FUJIFILM XT20: Fujifilm launches XT20 at half price this year, after making it harder from XT2 in 2016. The feature of this mirrorless camera its image quality. In this compact, Fun to Use camera, you get the option to change the lens, which makes this small compact camera more special. Amidst increasing phone quality of the camera and appearing in front of the DSLR, the camera has made a new life among the photography lovers.

This camera equipped with great features has a slightly higher price range, yet the camera does not disappoint you from any angle. Especially with its dial you will not be able to live without love. Equipped with a 24MP CMOS sensor, you can shoot 4K video in this camera.

5 : Sony Alpha A9: With one of the best DSLR Sony has started giving tough competition to Nikon and Canon in the market. This camera, based on Mirrarass technology, has full frame CMOS. Equipped with electronic view finder and 3 inch tilting screen, this camera can be shot to 20fps. That’s why this camera is quite amazing for fast shooting

At the same time, it has a decent camera for 4K video. The 24.2MP resolution features a special look of its camera, although its powerful features are compact look. This camera has been specially designed with the help of experts who cover sports, wildlife etc. The BIONZ X processing engine also gives life to the camera’s overlay performance. This camera, which has landed in the Indian market in July 2017, is becoming the preferred choice for many people.

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