Telegram App To be Banned : is it Possible

Iran’s telecommunications minister said on Tuesday that it was impossible to stop access to information of citizens after the conservative-dominated judiciary banned the very popular Telegram messaging app a day later.

Notes of Mohammed Javad Azari
Through Twitter, he highlighted the differences between reformist President Hassan Rouhani and the state-of-the-art conservative government that controls judicial and security services.

Jahromi wrote, “If we ban the use of software, other software will be found and the information will be transmitted again.”

“Technology is not internally blamed, corrupt, or terrible,” he said. “This is a person who misuses it to promote crime and corruption in the virtual world, as they do in real life.”

A Tehran judge ordered the blockade of the telegram, the judiciary’s Mizan online news agency alleged that the app has allowed armed opposition groups to promote turmoil.

After this step, the instructions of the President are prohibited from using the foreign Messenger app to communicate with all government workers.

Telegram is the most popular social network with 40 million users in Iran, which is produced by Russian technical guru Powell Durov – about half the population.

During the wave of protests over dozens of Iranian cities within thebeginning of this year 2018, authorities briefly prohibited the app and aforesaidthat it permits foreign-based “counter revolutionary” teams to unravel stress-based solutions. .

Officials demanded to develop Iranian social media networks and limit dependence on foreign-based platforms, which accuses Tehran of hosting hostile sites against the Islamic Republic.

Restrictions push telegram in the list of blocked social networks in the Islamic Republic, but is accessible through virtual private networks (VPN) software which can block Internet blackouts – some who want to stop the judiciary in the messaging app .

After Monday’s announcement the rumors had resigned, but the semi-official ISNA news agency refused.

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