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Jayakrishnan H wrote a review


A beast of a device

I had previously quitted Samsung after using Note 4. Cuz they never supported the cluttery UI eventhough the device was capable. Then moved to iphone and had good 1.5 years. Recently thought about a new phone, when I saw the Note 8 in a shop, I couldnt refuse buying it. Its looks. The display. The camera. They’re just stunning.
And yayy I have a headphone jack.


1. still no latest android. Hope Samsung shows up with great software in the next 2 years.
2. The speaker is just fine. But even Apple has stereo speakers.
3.Fingerprint scanner position is a joke. And there are better scanners in 15k range phone.

But these cons are to minor for this device to get anything below 5 star

2 : Think Big ! Think About Note 8 ! Mind Blowing Device For Multi Purpose Use !

By World Mover’S on 26 September 2017

Hello Friends,

Finally Note is Here after long wait for it. (After Note 7 Crisis) This Smartphone is highly recommend for professional and Innovation lovers who care about thinking and take important note for personal and professional who don’t like for waste papers for taking imp note or Not remember lots of things. This review write after use it for two days with note 8, I have one words WOW ! It is working flowless in all conditions i.e. indoor and outdoor both. It is different from Samsung S8 Plus with stylish​Improve S pen !!!!

Here is the main reason why rated 5 Stars.

S Pen :- This is most important feature of note device ,it take a device a whole new level for experience in compare with any smartphone. Samsung has spent years trying to make the S pen seem like a necessity for most, but at the end of days stylus is only crucial it you annonate documents or sign virtual contracts often (For professional it is most useful). If the S pen is pulled out while the phone is in action , a floating s pen menu take over the screen , offering a host of feature ranging text translation (Simply hover the stylus over a string of words ) to screen memo or live message, which we can create an animated GIF for writing and drawing. It is status symbol if you take notes on your smartphone . S pen is water and dust resistance for use in all conditions without any lag or worry. I love screen off writing and saving notes .

Display :- This is the most beautiful part of note 8. Has a gorgeous AMOLED Quad HD Panel ( 6.3 Inch.) with an usually long 18.5:9 ratio; This is slightly larger then S8 Plus. It is working like a great touch experience and visible in low light or under sunlight , the all rounder display ever with our stress on eye. My advice is if you want a great experience then don’t waste money on screen protector (Advice for note drop if you are hard core users then required front and rear cover for protection of your favorite device). Viewing angle is great.

The 📷 :- Rear Camera is 12 MP + 12 MP (Dual Camera ) OIS on both with telephoto and wide angle lens if you want a great camera like a DSLR then go for it. Front camera is 8 MP which is also impressive for good selfie this is highly recommend for selfie lovers. Video quality is great slow motion video recording is also great. I often use for make videos in slow motions. Low light ability is also great. Photos quality is great with details. Best in class camera ever. In this smartphone you can enjoy because of lots of feature after take images.

The Processor And RAM +STORAGE:- Exynos 8995 octa core 2.3GHz processor for battery efficient and fast processor I had ever use. 6 GB RAM + 64 GB storage (Expandable to 256 GB!!) Never need to be delete your memories. Multi tasking is great and no lag while running heavy games.

The 🔋:- Battery capacity is 3300 mAh with quick charge support. It is survive for one day use. With in box charger it takes 1 hours and 5 minutes. (During charging don’t use any Smartphone for safety) Battery is safe because Samsung is serious about safety after note 7 fails. Wireless charging is also support but In practice situation in box charger is ok for me. Because I don’t want to carry this. Battery result is satisfactory because of efficient processor. Still I had no face battery heating issue which is also plus point of this device.

Other value added feature :- Bixby voice-assistance , iris scanner , finger print scanner (mount on back side) for security. Water and Dust resistance , All Glass body design ( For back side protection required good protective case because back is expansive then screen) Anroid Nought (Latest ) with Samsung TouchWiz on top I really miss pure Android experience. For me fingerprint sensor is difficult to use because of odd placement on back which is really only disappointing for me. Because iris scanner is not working properly when you wear glasses . Weight of smartphone is 195 gms. Display is bigger but No bulky to use thanks for infinity display and all Glass body design need care too much for prevent scretch.

The Conclusion :- The all rounder smartphone by Samsung. For those who want premium smartphone and don’t think the iPhone 8 is worth, Galaxy note 8 is definitely a device to consider.

Most important thing is after sales support for me Samsung really work well but need to be rectify warranty policy on such a expansive device like apple. Color option is also less.

Thanks for take time for read this review , value for money device whom required premium experience because premium experience comes with premium price!!!!

Note :- This is not waterproof device it is IP 68 Rated device kindly read manual carefully it is only dust and water resistant***.

Why you choose Amazon instead of offline or any other sources:-
1) Fast and secure delivery
2) Easy Return policy
3) Genuine product as per description .
4) Helping customer care

I m sorry if any one hurt for this review.

Thanks and Regards,
Team World Mover’S

3 : Once a note user, always a Note user! 😎

By Hari Mishra on 26 September 2017

Received the beast right on the scheduled date and boy what a beauty it is.Hands down the most attractive gadget at the moment in my opinion.

As far as the performance is concerned I found it as snappy as a phone can get and the S-Pen is freaking awesome as I can play with all the functionalities in boredom and that’s what makes the note a Note.

Camera and some other features are also the best in its category. I was quite sceptical about the battery life but its not that bad even though its not the best like other aspects of the mobile.

For now I’ll explore Bixby and the plethora of available features.I will update if I’ll find out any cons in the future but as of now its the best mobile in the planet in my opinion.

3: All you need to KNOW about this ABSOLUTE BEAST.A note-worthy comeback .Galaxy Note 8 is pricey, powerful and does it all.

By Indian Reviewer on 12 October 2017

The Galaxy Note 8 retakes the throne as the ultimate Android phone for now, but some intense competition is just over the horizon.


Stunning display

Snappy performance

Superb dual camera with lightning-fast autofocus



Large, heavy and awkward to hold

Battery is just average

Biometric unlocking options not stable enough for daily use

Quite Expensive

As a gadget lover and Samsung electronics liker , I was pretty excited to get my hands on the new cellular phone from the Korean brand’s mobile device family. I must admit, like many stylus lovers, I was pretty bummed about having to send back the Note7 during last year’s massive and unfortunate recall.

The Galaxy Note has always been an unapologetically big phone, but the Note 8 takes big to new dimensions.


-It starts with its 6.3-inch Infinity Display that stretches to the very edges of the phone’s frame, leaving just a small bezel above and below the screen. This HDR-capable display is everything you’d expect from a high-end Samsung panel: it’s crisp, vibrant, and super bright, so it’s visible outdoors in direct sunlight.


Big phone with big problems

-In addition, the Note 8’s larger size make its fingerprint scanner even more frustrating to use than it is on the S8. Like the S8, the scanner is on the back of the phone, to the right of the camera module. And like the S8, it takes some dedicated finger gymnastics to reach it.
-Samsung offers both iris-scanning and face-scanning unlock systems on the Note 8, so you don’t necessarily have to rely on the fingerprint scanner as much. The face unlock feature is still not as secure as other means.

-Internally, the Note 8 also has very similar specs compared to the S8 Plus. Both of these phones are fast and fluid, and performance was not a concern in my day-to-day use.Although with the arrival of iphone 8 series and iphone X,this performance feels quite less than it should offer being in the same price range.

-The dual-camera system also lets you take images with an artificially blurred background to mimic what is possible with a DLSR and a bright lens. This mode, which Samsung calls “Live Focus,” is a lot like the iPhone 7 Plus’ portrait mode, both in how it works and its results. It can produce some cool-looking images in good lighting. But indoors, or in poor light, image quality is bad, with lots of noise and blur and little in terms of detail.

-The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a beautiful, if over-priced, high-tech gadget. It could be a great tool for those who know how to take advantage of its many functions. Major competitors still haven’t been able to take on the Galaxy Note series, and this latest one is certainly a productivity beast.

-Samsung has done well with satisfying diehard, stylus-wielding phablet fans. Multi-tasking on a screen that gives me room to work is definitely a plus for me as someone who values productivity. With the camera, memory, storage and more, the Note8’s functionality is appreciated. As a creative, who has to stay connected through messaging, emails and more, the S-Pen and camera serve as the strongest selling points for me.

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