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1 : 🌟 7 or earlier iPhone you will just love it. Face ID works most times only you …

By DS on 6 December 2017

Verified Purchase

Well it’s difficult to review this IPhone,
Firstly it’s depends which your previous phone was, say you had the 7 plus or any plus iPhone the first thing which will hit you hard is the screen it’s smaller and if you come from 6,7 or earlier iPhone you will just love it.
Face ID works most times only you need to get adjusted, the distance from hand to face must be a bit close.
There are so small bits which you will love like when you get a notification SMS or what’s app message it will not show you the content only when u look at it you can see the content.
Now you can wake up the phone with just a touch,
Battery life lasts whole day for me
Screen is amazing wish it was bigger
To power off your phone you need to hold volume and the power key
You will not miss the Touch ID after few days of use the swipe up works like a charm
Now to close apps you need to swipe up and press and hold any app and then close
Siri also has improved, now hey Siri works while charging.
Finally don’t go by many fake reviews posted( I can’t understand why amazon allows posting of such reviews which have been posted only for fun), if you can afford it and are ok with the screen size go for it.

2 : Truly Apple

BySunil Chauhanon 8 December 2017

Verified Purchase

Great phone
Apple iphone X is truly amazing phone
– great looks
– Good camera
– Face unlock
– Quick response
– good battery life

3 : Genuine product by Apple

By Bala subramanian on 6 December 2017

Verified Purchase

iPhone X stunning performance, looking handy and gorgeous design

4 : Love it 😍

By varsha reddy on 9 December 2017

Verified Purchase

In love with the iPhone X. It feels much better than other older models. The design is amazing. It’s very pricey but if you can afford it, you won’t regret it. The portrait mode works really well.

5 : A revolutionary gadget, I simply like it

By naba on 30 November 2017

This is my 2nd week using iPhone X 64GB, I bought space grey colour which I felt much more elegant than the Silver. This is my upgradation from iPhone 6s to X.
Below sharing my experience:-
• The first attraction was bezel less phone. The screen size is 5.8 inch which is bigger than iPhone 8 plus (5.7”). However, the physical dimension of the phone is slightly bigger than my iPhone 6s.
• The second attraction was Face ID, I was little bit hesitant in the beginning after going through so many online reviews. But I would say this is one of the techno marvellous thing done by Apple. Some of the key highlights of the Face ID:-
– The ring volume diminishes immediately after it detects your face with the moment you look into the phone. The action is immediate.
– You can set up more robust way to detect your Face ID under the settings of “Face ID & Pass Code” menu.
– It works in low light, not an issue at all.
– Although it hangs rarely as the same way legacy iPhone home button. In that case, need to use pass code.
• Missing of Home button : I am very comfortable without this, need not to hovering around for correctly pressing of the home button.
• The camera is just extraordinary, the low light performance and true colour capture is supreme experience. I have attached two photos; one photo taken in the night in highway. Other is day light photo. Both are not processed.
• Single handed operation : It is still possible easily. Please do a search in the net for how to do this.
• Price : I don’t deny the fact that 89K rupees for 64GB is little pricy, it should have loaded 128 GB at least. However, I purchased this as combo offer with watch series 3 through one of the leading credit card offer. So, please watch out for some good deal if you really bother with the price.
• Battery life : I found longer battery life than the iPhone 6s besides bigger screen size.
• Speed : It responds very fast not an issue at all.
• Wireless charging: I am yet to check this properly, I tried in my 1A Qi charger it doesn’t work, you need 2A rating Qi charger
• Charging time : It takes around 2 hours to charge fully from 10% level to 100%
• Speaker Quality : It is very loud and crisp

My final verdict: If you are looking for bezel free phone with decent battery life and superior camera, just go for this phone.

6 : Good phone but read this review

By SAMUVEL on 30 November 2017

I have both Samsung note 8 and iPhone X but to be honest this phone has a very good user experience but in a long run you might wonder if it’s worth the price.

For example when you watch a video from Netflix Samsung note 8 has the feature to automatically crop or adjust the movie display according to the screen whereas for iPhone X it is not possible for all the videos.

Only some videos support full screen.

Bottom line is if your behind the apple brand and user experience then go for iPhone X but remember it is costly

Samsung note 8 has so many features , it charges fast has good camera and pen features which doesn’t match any phones.The display is top notch compared to other phones.

So pls analyse before buying.

* Thanks for reading.
* Please note these are user’s own Reviews which is posted on Amazon India.

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