Most Expensive Phone in th World

Most Expensive Phone in th World.

Apple iPhone craze are amazing among the people, once if they decided to take the iphone then they will take it any how with their hardwork earn savings. recently iPhone launched the iPhone XR phone with the lowest price of around Rs. 75,000 but there is also an iPhone which is the world’s most expensive phone, Diamond Rose Iphone.

This is most expensive phone in the world.

Yes, this is the world’s most expensive phone, which is worth around 52 million (52,190,1000). You might be thinking that so much expensive phone how it looks,in this phone you have the same features like You will find that in an iphone, in this phone you will not get any kind of special feature, it is like a normal iPhone.

World’s most expensive phone is HERE.

Diamond rose iPhone

But this phone has some precious diamonds that are priced in crores. That’s create it worth the price of this phone. This phone is specially made from precious diamond which has about 500 diamonds. This phone is so expensive.

On the back side of the phone, you will find Apple’s logo, which is made up of about 53 precious diamonds and the phone’s button is made of platinum with interchangeable single cut 7.4ct pink or rare 8ct Flawless diamonds.

It was world’s most expensive phone.

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