List of all Ballistic, cruise, Anti-ship Missiles of Pakistan

The ballistic missile Ghaznavi has testified from Pakistan is about to hit from surface to surface. This missile is capable of penetrating targets up to a distance of 290 km. This is Pakistan’s medium-range ballistic missile. It is known as Ghaznavi or Hatf-3 missile.

Pakistan already has a Ghaznavi or Hatf-3 missile capable of hitting from 290 to 320 kilometers from surface to surface. This missile is capable of carrying 700 kg of explosives. In such a situation, Pakistan again testing the Ghaznavi missile of 300 km range is considered as an attempt to send a message of tension to the world.

Its making started in 1987. It was inducted into the Pakistani Army in 2007 after undergoing several tests. The length of this ballistic missile of Pakistan is 8.5 meters. Its diameter is about 0.8 meters. Pakistan claims that Ghaznavi is capable of carrying conventional weapons as well as nuclear weapons. Pakistan’s National Development Complex has designed and developed this missile. Its first version has been with the Pakistan Army since 2004.

List of all Ballistic, cruise, Anti-ship surface to air Missiles of Pakistan

battlefield range ballistic missiles (BRBM)

Hatf (50 km)
Nasr (70 km)
Abdali (200 km)

Short Range Ballistic Missiles (SRBM)

Ghaznavi (300 km)
Shaheen-I (750–900 km)

Medium Range Ballistic Missiles (MRBM)

Ghauri-I (1,500 km)
Ghauri-II (1,800 km)
Ababeel (2,200 km)
Shaheen-II (2,500 km)
Shaheen-III (2,750 km)

Cruise missiles

Babur 1 (Hatf VII) (700 km)
Babur 2 (Hatf VII) (750 km)
Hatf-VIII (Ra’ad) (550 km)

surface-to-air missiles

Anza MK-II displayed at an exhibition

Shoulder fired missiles (MANPADS)

Anza Mk.1, Mk.2, Mk.3

Anti-ship missiles


Sea-to-surface missiles

Babur 3 (Hatf VII)

Air-to-surface missiles

Ra’ad (Hatf VIII)
Barq (laser-guided air-to-surface missilefired by Burraq UCAV)

Who has how many nuclear weapons in the world

Russia 6,500

America 6,185

France 300

China 290

Uk 215

Israel 80

Pakistan 140-150

India 130-140

North Korea 20-30

Today, the world has nuclear bombs with many times more capacity than before. In such a situation, the imagination of nuclear war shakes. Both India and Pakistan have missiles carrying nuclear weapons. In such a situation, if there is a nuclear war, it will affect the whole world. However, it would never want a nuclear war between the two countries.

Because, the world has seen two nuclear attacks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki so far and their horrors still haunt people. The special thing is that the bombs dropped at that time were of low capacity. The bomb dropped in Hiroshima had a capacity of 15 kilotons while the one dropped in Nagasaki had a force of 20 kilotons.

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