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Innovative USB Finger Optical 3D Computer Mouse.

This is a USB Finger Optical 3D Computer mouse design for those who want something New something innovative fashionable mouse . this mouse may full fill their expectations in a stylish way . you have to wear this optical 3D mouse on the finger , you can say like a wedding ring ,it is a plug and play gadget which no required any installation once all setup done now you are ready to use this gadget.
No mouse pad is required for this Optical Mouse, just slide the Laptop Mouse on any surface.

How to setup :
The mouse might be unresponsive because you have it on a clear or shiny surface.
The mouse needs a surface that is able to reflect the outgoing beam from the LED back up to the sensor in the mouse. because they allow the mouse to recognize movement easier.

Fix issues :
To fix any issues with gadget, go to your control panel then to “Hardware and Sound” and look under “Devices and Printers Select the “Mouse” option. The settings will then pop up on your screen. Select “Default” and then exit . This resets your mouse settings to the normal settings. If this does not work, then try restarting your computer. Unplug, then replug your gadget again.

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