How To Make A Professional WordPress Blog/Website Without Coding

How To Make A Professional WordPress Blog/Website Without Coding:

Everyone wants to earn money sitting on the Internet. Thousands of people are earning a lot of money from the internet by working at home today, There are many ways to make money from the Internet, the most popular blogging ( How To Make A Professional WordPress Blog/Website Without Coding ) is . in today’s time people living at home are making a awesome money at home , if you also want to make smart from home then you should for WordPress blog or website where you can complete your incomplete desired till now , so let’s begin… To Make a professional BLOG / WEBSITE without Coding.

First all for Website Creations (How to Make a Professional WordPress Blog without Coding Step by Step Guide in Easy Way)

1. Purchase A Domain Name For Your Website/Blog :

To buy a domain name To make a website/ blog without conding , you must first have a name that is also called a domain name, which is the name of the domain name website or example. The name of our website is or .com or any type , but so it should be similar to your name, so that you can buy this name from This website is very popular in India to buy domain names. If you can keep the name that you have for your website, then you have to buy it. You can buy a domain name for a year or two year or more than there are no restrictions if are going to buy a domain more one or so years you can get some discount from Domains providing Popular Companies or later you can renew it before Expired.

2. Purchase Web hosting Services for your professional Without Coding WordPress Website :

After buying a domain name for the website, it is now a web site that web hosting web hosting is a place on the internet where we need to create our website or log, you will be able to buy web HOSTING, as you 3 on internet you can Find many web sites but there are some popular websites like Godaddy, Hostgator, Hosting Raja , Hostripples, Bluehost yon buy Web hosting from here or any where you find suitable for you.

3. Connect DNS server To Your Website:

Connect the domain name to the DNS server After buying the domain name and Web hosting, now have to connect both of them so that whatever website or log you want to create, now you have to go to your domain management control panel and you will have to enter your web host’s DNS name to put your website Online Like ( ) we are now Online for entire Globe.

4. Open up Your Control Panel & Install WordPress

(without Coding) :

Now after connecting to the DNS, open the CONTROL PANEL while Making a Awesome Professional WordPress blog/ Website, when you buy Web hosting that they give a control panel through Your Email or you can directly can by visiting your hosting ( for manage your website ) So here you have to enter your username and password, even if you do not share the username and password of this Control panel with any.

Now you have Find out…
Software Section > Softaculous Apps Installer

Click on The Softaculous
Click on The WordPress
Click on The Install
Now write Domain Name The URL column
Admin User Name
Admin Password ( Create Difficult one)
At Last Click on The Save Installation

Here it is Installed


5. Open Your WordPress Blog /Website:

Now open up WordPress Blog / Website Now all your projects are ready. Now you have to open Admin URL from where you must log in to the WordPress blog, the URL will be sent to you if you have saved the installation details, you have to enter the URL.
Then the login page of the WordPress website will be opened, here you will have to enter the admin user and password, which you have placed on the top right, you will be able to login to the WordPress blog/WEBSITE.

6. At last Install A Awesome Theme for your professional Website Blog :

Now you have to choose theme for your blog or website , there are all of THEME available free of cost or you can buy Premium Themes

Click on The Appearance
Choose Theme
Click on the Install & Activate the them

(There are all of widgets Plugin you choose for Design your professional Website)

So after all these things, you can now post your Articles by posting and but before that if you want to design your WordPress blog then use the widget.

Summary of How To Make A Professional WordPress Blog/Website Without Coding

1: Buy A Domain From Domain Registrar
Example :

2: Purchase A Web Hosting from
Example :

3: Point To Your Domain Name To Your Web Hosting Account
Example : Go to DNS records( & put Your current DNS ( with options Custom nameserver)

4: Open C panel

5:The Softaculous Apps Installer> WordPress>Install

6: Choose Theme & customize page

7: Add New Post / Articles
( Welcome to World of Blogging).

Now You have Created A Professional WordPress Blog /WEBSITE without Coding.


I sincerely hope that what are you guys like the post about how to Make A Professional WordPress Blog/Website Without Coding? Full details about this are given and hopefully you have come to understand about WordPress professional Blog Website Without Coding. I am fully convinced from all the readers that you also share this information with your neighbors, relatives, friends, so that we can stay informed of our interactions and all the benefits from it. I want people’s support from you so that I can bring you even more information.


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