How To Access PC Desktop computer from Android Smartphones

In this growing modern world of technology, almost all the work is handled by the todays latest smartphone itself. In such a situation, if the work is not going by the smartphone, like operating the desktop or transferring files, the technology seems to be slightly lower. This is only a initial position, because you can access the desktop, laptops from your smartphone. There are just a few apps available in the market that will make your work easier and will fulfill the computer’s work in your phone itself.

1: chrome Remote Desktop:

Google Chrome’s Remote Desktop option lets users control access to their computers from anywhere on the Internet with their Android phones. You need to use a Google Account for this. Through which you can access your computer from your home away from home or anywhere else at your home. With the Chrome Remote Desktop option you will be able to see the live screens of your computer and also use the mouse and keyboard of your computer. For this, you have to install the Chrome Remote Desktop app in your phone while Chrome Remote Desktop Extension will have to be plugged into your Chrome Browser. After that you can access all the files on your computer with the help of the internet.

2: unified Remote:

This app is a very popular App of Play Store, using which you can control your PC from your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. By using the Unified Remote App, you can work on your Windows, Linux computer. If your computer has moved to sleeping mode, you can activate it with your phone. By this, you can see computer videos on your phone by the media player while accessing computer files and screen display. There are many more great features in the Paid version of the Unified Remote App. Such as floating remote features through which you can view and control your computer while still using many more apps in the phone. Not only this, by giving voice commands you can also do many types of activity on your computer.

3: pC Remote:

This smartphone app gives you this facility, that you can fully operate your Windows computer with your Android phone. By this, you can operate a PC with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 versions from your mobile phone, for this, you will need a common Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can operate your computer from the phone by putting the PC Remote app in your Android phone and installing the same software on the desktop. The PC remote app is very easy and has a lot of features in it. With this app you can use your desktop computer’s mouse and keyboard completely. Apart from this, you can also control your computer’s screen in real time by viewing it on your phone. Another great feature in this app is that you can watch it on your phone by playing any video or HD movie present in your computer. That is, you will not need to transfer a movie with that heavy data to your phone. With an inbuilt FTP server present in this app, you can run away completely from your computer and transfer files as well.

4: teamViewer:

In terms of accessing a remote desktop computer, the team viewer is considered as the most popular software in the world. With TeamViewer you can use Windows, Linux and Apple Mac computers comfortably from home. For this, you will not need the same WiFi or local network but the internet. In addition to installing TeamWeaver software on the desktop, you will need to enter the Team Viewer app on your Android. After that you have to put the code appearing in the computer version into your Android device. After this you will be able to control your computer from your phone and transfer files from it too. The Team Viewer app is extremely safe in terms of remote desktop access and file transfer because it works on 256 bit encryption. You can also lock or reboot while sitting away from your computer by the team viewer. One of the best features in Team Viewer is that you can transfer High Definition Audio Video from your Desktop to your Phone.

5: kiwiMote:

In order to access remote desktop through Android phone, this app is one of the most popular apps in the Play Store, which gives full access to computers through WiFi. The Android version of this app will need to be installed in your phone, while its server version must be installed in your desktop or laptop. For which the Java update will be necessary in the computer. You can completely control your Windows, Mac or Linux computer through this app. To connect your phone to your computer, you have to do a very simple procedure. You need to scan the QR code on your computer’s desktop and scan your computer’s app and then you can access all the audio video files and photos, including the computer’s keyboard, mouse, anywhere, and on your mobile.

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