GRAVITY LAUNCHER VS is an Innovative unique launcher based on gravity.

GRAVITY LAUNCHER Versus is a Creative launcher with basic and easy to understand UI plan. This launcher is propelled by certifiable material science. It has genuine gravitational material science reenactments. Symbols in this launcher responds to gravitational power. This launcher also has Slider which can be utilized as alternate way to get to applications. You can play with applications by addressing symbols and after that hauling it upwards and discharge it, Symbols will fall like genuine articles. You can in like manner drag images and hit to various images to have effects. This launcher also has crush zoom feature to zoom-in and zoom-out.


  • Gravitational power reenactments.
  • Slider for moment access to applications.
  • Choice to arrange your applications as per your decision.
  • Conceal choice to stow away undesirable applications.
  • Adaptable foundations to decide for launcher foundation.
  • Squeeze zoom include.

*Explore More highlights by tapping on gravity launcher symbol or long push on home screen and press equip icon(App Settings)

*To Handicap Gravity Mode, Long Push on Home Catch, press Application Settings, flip GRAVITY MODE. 

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