Google’s Files Go data Transfer App Faster than Others

We are still use Shareit or Xender for transfer files from one phone to another phone But now to transfer data, Google has introduced an app named Google’s “File go” will be able transfer data faster than other applications.

With the “Share it” and “Xender” apps, users also use data transfers as well as for hotspots. Both of these apps say that they can transfer the fastest data without internet. But there is an app called “Files Go” on Google Play Store, which can transfer data faster than these two apps. This app made by Google is also completely safe.

Let’s look at some special features of this app :

The first thing to say is “Files Go by Google: Clean up space on your phone”, the full name of the “Files Go” app. You get to see it right here on Google Play Store.

Except those apps, users can transfer fast data through this app. At the same time, this app works to make space in your phone. The transfer rate of the file goes up to 125Mbps. There is no need for internet for this This app performs quite well due to Google’s operating system Android.

Advertisement Free App :

The other important thing is that there are no type of ads in this app which is the best of all features. Qyqi users sometimes get quite upset with these ads. This app also easy to use.

To be very popular :

However, many Google users do not know this app. But the users who have not used “Share it” and “Gender” till now, see this app once by using this app is really a great app in terms of data transfer.

Minimum Data Size & Record Downloads :

Significantly, the size of this app is around 15MB. And more than 50 million installations have been installed. In terms of app ratings, 4.6 out of 5 stars rating this app has been given.

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