Get Jio Speed Back By Changing Some Simple Settings

Reliance Jio has enticed everyone with cheap internet data and now many people have got to see Reliance Jio. Now Reliance Jio has also dropped its cheap 4G smartphone into the market. These days many customers of Reliance Jio are complaining that they are getting very low speed. At the beginning, the 4G speed in Reliance Jio was 20-25 Mbps but now it has come down to 3-3.5 Mbps. Let me tell you that sometimes it happens that the problem of speed is not on the side of the network but also due to the user’s smartphone. In this case, you can get some quick speed by changing some of your phone settings. For this, you have to change 4 different settings of your phone. Let’s know how to increase your internet speed of Reliance Geo

Change APN settings

The setting of access point names is very important in mobile.

Go to your mobile

Click on mobile network.

Click in the preference network.

Set Preferred Network Type to LTE.
See front slides

APN protocol

After this you go back to your mobile settings and select APN.

Many options will appear in front of the click.

Choose the option of the APN protocol here.

Do it in Ipv4 / Ipv6

Change Bearer option will have to make another change inside the same setting.

In this you have to choose Bearer.

Select LTE in it.  now you have restart your smartphone for better results.

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