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Facebook Deleted 583 Million Fake Accounts: Check out your account

Social Network Facebook released its first transparency report on the work of restraint on social network Facebook. The document actually reveals impressive numbers: In the first quarter of 2018, the company removed 583 million duplicate accounts in service in addition to 837 million spam publications. Facebook has registered 2.2 billion active monthly users (who reach the social network at least once a month). This means that duplicate profiles are more or less for every four valid accounts.

This is an old problem on Facebook, so legitimate users have probably been linked by fake profiles. They are not difficult to recognize. Generally, fake accounts use photographs that attract a lot of attention, there are not many publications and fewer conversations.

Regardless of the huge number of fake accounts, Facebook says that most of them were deleted after a few minutes, which prevented them from reaching a large number of legitimate users. This filtering is done with the help of artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, the company estimates that from 3% to 4% of the active accounts in the first quarter matches false profiles.

Thank you for this artificial intelligence that Facebook has been successful in dealing with the problem of spam. According to the company, almost 100% of the 837 million such publications have been automatically detected and removed prior to the opportunity to report to users.

These are amazing numbers, but Facebook itself accepts that this is a work in progress. Filtering systems work well in the past but are not effective in identifying hate speech, for example. 2.5 million publications of this period were abolished, but only 38% automatically.

Social media network Facebook also states that many data is needed to train artificial intelligent algorithms, which takes time. Apart from this, there is also a question of reaction: The company says that people responsible for irregular publications are constantly changing the strategy to stop social network controls.

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