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Facebook and Qualcomm coming with telegraph technology get High Speed ​​Internet upto10Gbps

Facebook and Qualcomm coming with telegraph technology get High Speed ​​Internet upto10Gbps

Social networking site Facebook and smartphone chipset maker Qualcomm has entered into an agreement to provide high-speed internet service in the cities. According to media reports, the trial of this service can start till mid-2019. Facebook is developing multimode wireless systems with telegraph technology, based on Qualcomm’s 60 GHz technology.

What is telegraph technology?

Facebook is working with this technology to promote the efficiency and speed of Internet connectivity around the world. In this technique, the Internet can be available to the people at a lower cost than the Internet through fiber. According to this agreement Qualcomm’s QCA6438 and QCA6428 chipset family will be integrated with Facebook’s Telegraph Technology. Through this integration, the medium wave of 60 GHz will be generated which can be provided Internet services in cities through fixed wireless access (FWA).

Internet from 10Gbps link rate

Facebook’s telegraph technology, millimeter wireless blackhoall supports broadband connectivity. It is based on pre-802.11 AY standard, which will be upgraded through Qualcomm’s chipset software. there will be no possibility of interrupting network connectivity in any environment. According to the company’s claim, this technology can provide Internet service with 10Gbps link rate, using less power. This technique will be used by both companies to provide high speed internet in urban areas.

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