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Earn Money Online by Creating Simple YouTube Channel

YouTube is the platform where we get knowledge​ by watching unique videos free of cost (Except Data Charges) some creator upload their videos as a passion and some for earnings Money from their videos , today YouTube has become very popular among the people and every Day YouTube videos goes viral is just because of people’s love to watch videos on YouTube. If you are a master in speaking any languages (recommend English) and camera catchers then the YouTube is made for you , you must try your luck with your talent of videos making, choose some unique content category. start from Today, check out below given all information it will help you to make unique YouTube channel.
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What is CPM ?

To earn money from YouTube videos, it is important to first know how to generate money from him. So when we put a video in YouTube, we have the facility of inserting advertisement​ through AdSense, which runs a few seconds around 30 seconds before the video shows. Or, while running a video, small advertisements run on the side. So, when thousands of views appear in our video, then YouTube gives us money. The lesser work can be 1 or 1.5 dollars and above. It is spoken (CPM) cost per thousand click.

First of all make your YouTube Channel :

You will be identified on your YouTube Channel website. Every YouTube account is attached to a channel. YouTube account can also be your Gmail account. By creating your account on YouTube, you can also access services like Google Drive.

* Keyword is to be inserted after creating your channel. These will be useful to search your channel on YouTube. To add Keyword-

Go to Channel Settings-> Advanced section. KeyWords should be according to your video content.

Put content on the video channel – After creating a channel on YouTube, the first thing to do is to add content to that channel. YouTube has the ability to add high-quality content and low quality content. These will depend on your content type.

Content must be original :

– If video quality is good, then more views will be come.

-Channel creator should keep in mind that the videos are regularly updated.

Making money with uploading maximum unique video-

After uploading more videos and getting views, it will turn out to monetise videos (make money). To make money it is necessary to monitize the videos. This means giving permission for the permissions of AIDS in your videos.

* To monetize videos before uploading-

You must go to your YouTube channel dashboard. From here, click the Monetization tab -> “Monetize with Ads” box

If you do not get the Monetization button :

If the monetization button is not found in this way, then go to Channel Settings. Click the Monetisation tab here. On the top corner of the YouTube page (where the sign out option is given) the CREATOR STUDIO option has been given. Click on this option then navigate to Channel> Monetisation. Next, click on the “Monetize with Ads” box.

Bank account or PayPal account should be linked with AdSense :

Bank account or PayPal account must be entered. In addition, an e-mail ID must be given to Adsense. With this information, Adsense will send you the money earned by the videos.

-Once your account is created, the YouTube team can take a week to review it.

-Once the process is complete, the YouTube channel page will be open once again.

-Now the dollar signs will also be seen with the videos.

-Monetize to upload after uploading video-

Visiting the Video Manager and clicking on the “$” mark will be done.

Check Reports :

Once all these steps have been completed, users will have to wait till sufficient video is uploaded in their uploaded videos. If the video money is worth refunding then “$” sign will be green. Users will be redirected to the Adsense account once they click on it. From here, users can find out about their payment and request payment from YouTube. Go to ANALYTICS if you want to watch an Earning Detail from your channel. After clicking on this option, users can see how many clicks are being made on their channel’s real time reports, earnings reports, performance of ads and videos.

If one of your video goes viral YouTube will send a Mail for below mentioned details:

If a video of your channel has received a lot of views then your are to receive a mail from YouTube.

Apply for revenue sharing for your video (Video Title) :

If the mail comes with this subject, then it’s certainly a pleasure for you. The company will pay you to uploaded the video title name, but it will only be for one video. To monetize all the videos, follow the above step.

You must follow the above steps to Monitise all videos.

YouTube Partner Program :

YouTube Partner Program Page-If you think you’ve uploaded enough videos and now you’re ready to go to the next Laver, you can visit YouTube’s Partner Program page (http:// can requests to partnership directly from the company by visiting YouTube program. Once the company approve your application thereafter company will pay to you for all your existing Videos but remember one thing your all videos should be matched with YouTube terms and conditions .

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