Do you know WhatsApp hidden features

If you have been using WhatsApp since long the you should know about its special hidden features which can help you to improve your overview of chatting on WhatsApp messenger, also you can be a smart user of WhatsApp if you have knowledge or you know about some tips and tricks.

Here our team find out some unique tips and tricks about WhatsApp :

Check When your friend Uninstall and re-Install WhatsApp messenger:

With the help of Show Security Notification, you can find out when your friend uninstalled and re-installed the WhatsApp app. The advantage of this would be that if your friend buys a new mobile and there is WhatsApp, then you will get a notification and the friend will not even know.

Reply with chat message :

Whatsapp has a quote feature. Its advantage is very much in group chat. If you want to reply to someone’s message in the group, press that message to select and then reply by clicking on the reply button at the top.

Check exact Read time of your Message :

Usually in individual chat, it is known to read messages from Blue Tick, but it does not seem to know which message the group reads. To know the message’s keep the message you sent for a little while, and when you are selected, click on it, you will see a circle above. After clicking, you will know who-whom has read the message and who has reached the message.

Set Pop up like Facebook Messenger :

Like Facebook Messenger, you can also put popup notifications in WhatsApp. As soon as a message arrives, a popup message will appear on your phone’s screen like Messenger.

Create WhatsApp shortcut for convenient:

If you chat more than a friend, you can also create a shortcut for it. The shortcut will be useful to create an icon on your phone’s screen with the photo of that friend and you can reply to it without opening the app.

Type message with Voice typing :

When you type the message, you will see two Mike options. By pressing the keyboard icon, write a message and send it to friends. In such a situation, you will be able to send messages while working, even by typing it.

Save chat history to Email:

You can send messages of any chat to your email. For this, open that chat and click on the three dot on the right and then click on More. Here you will find the option to email chat.

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