Do You Know Actual Making Cost of Apple iPhone X ?

Apple iPhone is the products which maximum people of World want to take it for once but when it comes to the price people change their views, its listed in the world’s most expensive smartphones category , Apple launches one or two phones throughout the year. They cover all there earnings with these two phone only .Today we will talk about the real manufacturing cost of apple iPhones . Why is it so expensive why people are ready to take iPhone at so high price . do you think is it made with any special metal thats increase its price or any other secret behind it.

How many bucks are made in the iPhone? Here’s the cost of each model…

The lowest storage variant of iPhone X has been lowered to Rs. 89000 in the 64GB market. Do you know the actual cost of this phone introduced on September 12? Everyone wants to take the iPhone but because of the budget many people do not buy the iPhone. Industry analysts in China investigated how much each part of the iPhone X costs. total cost of the iPhone X You may be surprised to know that the total cost of the iPhone X is 412.75 dollars i.e. around 35000 rupees, i.e. 60 percent less than the retail price.

What is the price of parts of the Apple iPhone X (Ten)

The most expensive part of iPhone X is its display. Its 5.8-inch OLED panel, built by Samsung, is $ 80. The price of its display is much more expensive than any other part. The price of NAND memory for 256GB is $ 45. At the same time, RAM costs its half, i.e. just $ 24.

Apple had announced the bionic chipset on its new iPhone. It is made by TSMC on their 10nm process technology. Its chipset price is $ 26. The Qualcomm modem used on this is worth $ 18 and above.

The cost of Apple iPhone X production is estimated at $ 412.75. Its 3D sensor is also expensive. Its price is $ 25. It is placed behind the front panel glass, which is $ 18.

If the cost of all the parts is added, then the price of this model of the iPhone will not be as high as the end price. But the cost of manufacturing, logistics and R & D is not included in this price.

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