Defense minister Rajnath Singh flies in tejas fighter jet PAK – China’s Thunderbird fails against 2222 km in front of indigenous TEJAS

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh flew in Tejas, an indigenous fighter aircraft in Bengaluru on Thursday. For the first time, the country’s defense minister flew in the indigenous fighter aircraft Tejas. Let us tell you that the history of the specialty and development of Tejas

The first defense minister of the country has flown in the indigenous fighter aircraft Tejas for the first time on Thursday, that is today the defense minister in the indigenous fighter aircraft Tejas in Bengaluru. Tejas was inducted into the Air Force 3 years ago.

TEJAS fighter aircraft

Now the upgrade version of Tejas is also coming. Tejas took his first flight on 4 January 2001. It is an indigenous multirole fighter jet. But, do you know why there was a need to build Tejas aircraft. Is it powerful enough to win the war?

Let us tell you that the history of the specialty and development of Tejas

The reason for making Tejas was to remove the ‘flying coffin’

The MiG-21 aircraft, once the pride of the country, is now outdated. Because of this, about 43 personnel of the Air Force have been martyred. Therefore, they are also called flying coffins. In the last 45 years, about 465 MiG aircraft have fallen in the country. They too fought without an enemy. Only 11 MiG aircraft have fallen in the battlefield. The country will need a new aircraft, its preparation was started in 1980 itself. After nearly two decades of preparation and development, Tejas took his first flight on 4 January 2001.

Tejas fighter is stronger than Pakistan-China Thunderbird

The Tejas aircraft is several times more powerful than the joint production Thunderbirds of Pakistan and China. At the international level, when the Tejas exhibition was talked about, Pakistan and China removed the Thunderbirds from the exhibition. This is the Bahrain International Air Show. The Tejas is a fourth generation aircraft, while the Thunderbird MiG-21 is being improved.

Former PM Atal Bihari Bajpayee gave the name ‘Tejas’

The official name of this aircraft made by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) was ‘Tejas’ by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajpayee. It is a Sanskrit word. Which means very powerful energy. HAL has built this aircraft under Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) ie Light Combat Aircraft Project.

Why LCA Tejas is special for Indian Indian Armed?

Tejas can launch air-to-air missile-to-ground missiles. It can also carry antiship missiles, bombs and rockets. Tej is made of 42% carbon fiber, 43% aluminum alloy and titanium. , But its trainer variant is a 2-seater. It has flown about 3500 times so far. Tej can fly up to a height of 54 thousand feet at a time. The total cost to develop LCA Tejas is 7 thousand crores rupees.

Why did India need Tejas?

Airforce has 33 squadrons. A squadron consists of 16-18 fighters. Of these 33, 11 squadrons have MiG-21 and MiG-27 fighters. Only 60% of them are ready for operation. MiG-21 and MiG-27 are in good condition. Is not. Accidents have been happening. According to the experts, India wants 45 squadrons in view of the danger of China-Pakistan. This is the 34th squadron. Upon meeting Rafael from France, will be the 35th squadron.

Know about its speed and strength

Able to fly at a speed of 2222 km per hour, can fly up to .3000 km at a time. The flight is 43.4 feet long and 14.9 feet high. Tejas Fighter weighs 13,500 kg with all weapons.

Tejas aircraft can be equipped with these weapons

6 types of air-to-air missiles can be deployed. These are – Derby, Python-5, R-73, Astra, Asram, Metiyor. 2 types of air to ground missiles ie BrahMos-NG and DRDO anti-radiation missiles and BrahMos-NG anti ship missiles. Apart from this, laser guided bombs, glide bombs and cluster weapons can be installed.

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