What Is a Keyboard Shortcut?

What Is a Keyboard Shortcut?

In Computer, a keyboard shortcut is a set of one or more keys that send a command in software or an operating system.They are usually an substitute means of executing those orders which would otherwise be accessible through one aspect of a menu, mouse or user interface. These shortcuts can speed up normal tasks by reducing the input shortcut keys.

These shortcuts can provide an easy and fast way to use computer programs. we look at Keys from F1 to F12, but do you know what is their job? these keys are great and if you know the meaning of this then many of your work will be easy. So let’s know about the use of keys from F1 to F12.

These shortcuts are use in the following programs and applications.

Internet Explorer
File Explorer
Windows System Commands

Shortcut Keys in Windows Microsoft Word :

F1: If you press F1 when you turn on the computer, you will be in the computer setup. You can check the settings here and make changes in them.

F2: F2 is used to rename or rename a file in the Windows operating system. Not only this, but when pressing F2 in Microsoft Word, you can also see the print preview of that file.

F3: Using the F3 Key in Windows, the search box is opened. After pressing it, you can search any file or folder. At the same time, pressed F3 in MS-DOS, the first typed command is re-typed.

F4: Talking about this key, pressing it into Microsoft Word gets the last job done. That is, the words you have already typed will be repeated once, or any such work will be repeat.

F5: By the way, most of the F5 is used to refresh, but suppressing it also starts the PowerPoint slide show.

F6: Pressing this key on the keyboard opens the contents of open folders in Windows. Apart from this, F6 is done by pressing Control + Shift + F6 to see several open documents open in MS Word one by one.

F7: If you press F7 in MS Word then after that you will type anything, that word will start spelling check.

F8: F8 is used to select text in MS Word.

F9: In Microsoft Outlook, F9 is used to send or receive e-mails. At the same time, the brightness of the screen can also be controlled with the help of this key in many new systems.

F10: If you press this key while working in a software, the menu opens up. Apart from this, pressing F10 with Shift works like a right click of the mouse.

F11: F11 is used to see full screening in internet browsers.

F12: Pressing this F12 in MS Word opens Savs As’s option. Pressing F12 with Shift will save the Microsoft file.

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