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There are many people who love to play video games on a smartphone. If you are also a video game lover then many games will be present in your phone. There are many games like racing and fighting on the Google Play Store. Some of these games are available for free, so for some, users have to pay money. In this news we are going to tell you about some of the games that users have to pay more for downloading. Some of these games have been made available for free to play at the Play Store. Let them know that they have been made available for free for a few days.


1-Uri : The Sprouts of lotus Greek

Have you ever dreamed that you are the only one who can save the world? You can feel lost and alone in your dreams; However, special mission makes you powerful and confident to move forward.

After revealing a story that is about Uri’s mysterious journey, after receiving signals from Uri’s savior, she starts the adventure alone; By solving a variety of puzzles, avoiding hazards, Uri finally saves the world

The game is going to take you to a fairy-tale Wonderland. You only need to fulfill one thing: save the world. The game combines solving adventure, parkers, and puzzles, which makes you feel deep but delightful. If you are ready, then see how far you can go in this challenging journey
By controlling the signals in the game, the player will be able to move forward and lead Uri to solve the puzzle. Mission can only be completed when the player successfully resolves all the puzzles

Interesting story
The goal of saving the world, mounted in superheroes, fighting guards, are just messing up …… What will happen next? Where should Uri go? All depends on you

Unexpected puzzle challenge
Unique gaming method gives players more space to think before deciding. It is not only about solving puzzles but also about how to use symptoms

Touch Background Music
Background music changes while changing the story The sweet rhythm and various instruments affect players deeply because the sound effects are different in the game.


This is a very popular game. This is a puzzle game. It is quite like fruit ninja in appearance. It can be played free from 19 or 20 November. It has more than 80 unique and colorful level levels. After completing all the levels, a surprise is also given to the users.


This is a training game for brains. To win it, the player has to match 2 items. There are several levels in it. This game has been downloaded more than 10000 times from Google Play Store.

4-Zombie Raid: Survival

To complete the mission in this game, different types of guns are given to kill zombie. There are several types of weapons in it. Its sound effects are also great.



5-Solar 2:

Solar 2 is an open world, sandbox game set in an eternal abstract universe. Play creatively: increasing your system, nurturing life on your planets, and attacking enemy’s lives in huge space battles. Play Destructive: Crash in other objects and cause chaos, use objects like breaking their orbits, steal planets from other systems.

6-Coddy : World on Algorithm

Welcome to the world of cottage robots!
A new interpretation of a famous logic game about robots and algorithms!
To challenge your logic in 120 unique levels, you should help the bot cody to collect all the stars and reach the exit!
You will help coddy, and he will not only help you understand the fundamentals of programming, but also help to train your brains.
– Learn about creating algorithms and programs
– Learn about interesting things like processes, recursive and constructor
– Understand the principles of chakra and situations
And then, the real test of your logic will be:
– See the complex program and their strange synchronous execution until the three robots at the level
– Development and management of complex relationships
– Overcome various obstacles

7-Stone of Souls

Action horror with RPG elements, where mysterious corridors and dungeons, awful monsters and discoveries are waiting for you, you have to find out where evil happened and if Stone of Souls is the only distortion, it could only be a Full, joint is a part of evil.

I came to this old and mysterious palace to find a scary stone of souls to emanate from the smell of death and to stop the Necromancer. It is rumored that there are many underground corridors in the palace where terrible rituals are organized. I have to face a difficult situation, where I need to stay alive because there is no one left here. It’s time to end the violence of the terrible Necromancer in the entire neighborhood!





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